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Marketing is an essential part of the growth, sustainability, and development of an organization. So important is the role of the marketing department that the core function of business, which is to make profits, would not succeed without this department. With its importance, there are even greater challenges that face it. Most of these challenges are on the marketer's ability to market, close a sell successfully, and retain that account. For a marketer to serve his or her purpose fully, he or she needs to be well equipped with the necessary marketing skills. Effective marketing skills allow a marketer to network efficiently and gain valuable clients. A useful tool for any marketer or businessperson who wants to grow his or her customer base is networking training provided by specialists.

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To develop contacts and sales opportunities, business networking is the most efficient and low-cost method of marketing. This method is very useful because it capitalizes on introductions and referrals, exchanging contacts, meetings of the face-to-face nature, and thus closing a business deal. Also, another factor that makes this method so effective is the fact that it costs you nothing, so it is a free marketing tool. Equipped with the right skills, a businessperson will know a good time to ask for a contact or to sell his or her products and services to a potential client. In other words, good networking skills teach a person on how to seize and take advantage of an opportunity as it presents itself.

Another beautiful thing about business networking is the opportunity it presents you in exchanging contacts with a prospective client that you would not have otherwise reached using other conventional marketing methods. A contact that is nurtured and who at the end enjoys your services will refer you to another prospective client. Therefore, if you exchange contacts with a major decision maker in a well-known firm, and he or she enjoys your services, the type of referrals you will get can only be imagined.

But to get to the point where you can successfully exchange contacts with a prospectus and thus have networked successfully takes a lot. For one, you need to have impeccable social skills to achieve this. Some of the principles that will guide you through successful business networking are as follows:
- When introducing yourself, be concise and impressive.
- You also need to be unique and present something that your prospectus has not been presented with before.
- You need to be confident while expressing yourself.
- Portray an image of someone who is organized and has integrity.
- Be composed and show that you have in-depth knowledge of your products and services.
- Ones you exchange contacts, be sure to make a follow-up and arrange for further meetings if necessary.

With these principles, you are sure to exchange contacts with your prospects and therefore, business services for such are the skills that bni business networking entails.